Roan Mountain Animal Hospital

8651 HWY 19 E
Roan Mountain, TN 37687


Waiting room at Roan Mountain Animal Hopsital, TN

Welcome to the Roan Mountain Animal Hospital tour. This is our waiting area. It is always best to bring cats in a carrier as it can be frightening if there is a barking dog in here! Dogs should always be leashed, you never know who might leave the door open.

This is another view of the waiting room with Teddy and Sophie!

This is the first examination room. It has a door directly into the parking area if needed for a frightened pet or potentially contagious patient. Many times a pet can be examined, treated, and sent home healthier without ever entering the waiting room. We love this feature.

Full view of Exam Room 1

This is only a small sample of the special and many times life saving diets we carry. Most are in the diet storage area. We try to keep every patient's dietary needs in stock.

Exam Room 2. We can get around the exam table a bit better in here especially with a big dog. Also there are no windows. Good if we need to do an eye exam in low light.

This is some of our lab equipment. We can many times have a complete blood count and chemistry panel done in less than 30 minutes. When we started here it could take 3 days to have the same information!

This is the heart of our hospital. Intensive care, fluid support, and monitoring all happen here. It is steps away from radiology, laboratory, and surgery.

Radiology makes the diagnosis in minutes in some situations! We are members of the Veterinary Information Network and ask opinions of expert radiologists when helpful.

Sterile surgery. No one gets in here without the proper authorization. We have done surgery on patients as small as a mouse to as large as a Great Dane on this table.

This is a portion of our kennel area. We have too few cages to allow much boarding, but are willing to expand! Let us know if that would be a service to you!

I brought my own bed!